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It fells good

It feels good to be running again.
It feels good to be back in Dallas.
It feels good to own a home again.
It feels good to go out to dinner with my old bookclub again.
It feels good to spend the day with my family.
It feels good to house sit for my brother.
It feels good to throw the frisbee with Rocket.
It feels good to make someone I don’t know laugh.
It feels good holding hands with my husband.
It fells good swing him smile.
It feels good running fast.
It feels good to clear my mind and stare.
It feels good knowing I have good friends I left behind, but have not forgotten.
It feels good.


As Light as a Feather as Stiff as a Board

Remember middle school sleepovers?  We would hold seances, contact spirits over the ouija board, and then lift each other up and over our heads with only one finger, chanting “As light as a feather, as stiff as a board.”  I fear that I am going to feel as stiff as a board later today.  Last week in attempt to increase our pace we added fartleks to our weekly routine, which is basically running at max speed for a determined distance.  Last week, we ran to stop signs, houses, corners, yard gnomes, or parked cars and then walked in between to get our heart rate back down.  This morning we decided to run in between our sprints.  I’m glad we did it, because the extra running made our sprints much more difficult to sustain.  And I really felt like I was accomplishing something when I’d made it to our end spot.  I also found it difficult to go back to my slow pace.  My body was ready to run, so I think that it will ultimately increase my overall pace, which is the goal.

After our first round of fartleks last week I was sore everywhere.  To the point that I must have said out loud, “I can’t believe my abs are sore.  I can’t believe my legs are so sore.  I can’t believe my butt is so sore.”  Finally I opened up my mouth to discuss my sore bootie again and Rob just started laughing.  When I asked him why it was funny he said, “You’ve said it at least a hundred times.”  I tried to refrain from saying it anymore, but I was still thinking it.   So today  I am eagerly awaiting the stiffness to creep over me.  I love that feeling.  It makes you feel alive and it reminds you that you did something hard and succeeded.  Maybe I’ll do some quick yoga or deep stretching before anyone else wakes up to decrease the stiffness.   I highly recommend a sprint day.  It almost feels like a day off from running!  Just remember to be as light as a feather as you run, and be prepared to feel stiff. Maybe that night you should invite your old middle school friends over for a seance and lift.

Good Thoughts:

1. I’m all signed up for Haulin’ Aspen, and now I have an itch to run the half marathon instead of the 8 miler.  I must be crazy.

2. Last night my kids had their own duathlon at the park.  Super cute!

3. Rob is all about riding his bike again.  I’m so happy for him.

4. I’m going to try to alter my diet today, I’m ready to drop some weight.  Any suggestions?

Positive Thoughts April 27, 2009

I’m off track in the world of workouts.  My children no longer take any kind of quiet/alone time during the day so if I do not get up early, I cannot complete my workout.  That coupled with a lack of interest, and perhaps a fatalistic attitude has significantly decreased my workouts.  Luckily it has not, yet, increased my weight.  Hopefully I will get back on track today.  So I thought perhaps I need some positive thoughts to get me back on track.


1. Ginger woke up so happy announcing I was the sweetest mommy in the world.  She was not looking for special favors, just hugs, snuggles, and kisses.  It made me very happy.

2. Wyatt took a ride on the city bus with his preschool class.  He also asked another child in his class to hold hands instead of just grabbing.  I was very proud that he remembered.

3. We had a great play date at the park with a friend of Ginger’s last week, and all of the kids played so nicely together.  Wyatt even initiated a game of Princesses and Knights.  What a trooper.

4. Rob set up tents and camping gear in the backyard so we could have a day trip without leaving the house.  We played outside all day long.  It was wonderful to have all day with both mom and dad.

5. Rob has lost 40 pounds and looks great.  He also has a great happy face, and a relaxed attitude to go along with the weight loss.  I can’t believe how strong he looks.  I am so happy for him.

6. Kindergarten orientation in over and now it’s time for registration to begin.  I feel great about the choice we made for school next year.  Now I just need to decide if Ginger will follow in one year or two.

7. When I broke down and cried my eyes out Saturday night Rob held my hand tight.

Positive Thoughts

I took last week “off”  I guess.  I pulled my lower back and then we went on a six hour drive, which did not help my back.  Still the kids and I went on a long hike to the Oregon Coast and had a wonderful “holiday”  while along on Rob’s business trip.   So I’ll just jump in with my positive thoughts and then tell you about my workout tomorrow.

1. Even though my back still aches, I got in my second work out of the week and it felt great.  I think having an ache in your back helps you keep your core engaged.

2. I finished one Valentine’s Day gift for my Mother-in-law, and now I’m working on the one for my mom.  I love them.

3. Wyatt had a great day at school!

4. Ginger and I had a wonderful spontaneous playdate with C & E.  Thanks for all of the good talk.

5. Breena checked up on me and motivated me to get back on the blog.

6. Rob and I celebrated our eighth anniversary yesterday and I feel so blessed to be married to such a kind and loving man.  My best friend.

7. I feel really well-rested today.  


Good Night.  –V

Week 3, Day 3 Shoulders & Arms

This is the third time I have done this workout.  The first time I did not use any weights, the second time I used 2 lbs as my heavy weights, this time I bumped it to 5 lbs & 2 lbs.  It was a great workout and I really pushed myself to the limit.  I am sore, but not like Rob was.  At least I can straighten my arms.

Positive Thoughts 1/22/09

1. Thank you Breena for providing me an opportunity for  an evening of adult conversation.

2. Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who came last night.  Your comments were great.  It is so nice to feel like a grown up.

3. Thank you Rob for putting out sweet kids to bed last night without complaint.

4. Thank you children for going to bed so easily, and for giving me kisses on the way out of the door.

Week 3, Day 2 Cardio X

Cardio X was great, except for all of the small interruptions.  I have got to start going to bed earlier because I have to workout before my friends wake up.  They were pretty good about letting me sweat, but they also had a million requests.  So I probably did not keep my heart rate in the exact target zone.  Still it was a great workout and I am happy I was able to do it.  I noticed I could do more and do it better than last week.  Last week every time I started a workout I felt like I injured myself.  This week, I just want more!

Positive Thoughts 1/21/09

1. Ginger loved dance class.

2. Wyatt is starting to feel like himself again.

3. Rob ran today.

4. Dinner is already in the oven.

5. I talked to my great friend, Jennifer!  Wow I miss her.  She would be a great partner in this journey.

6. My kids are already bathed and dressed for bed.

7. Lost returns tonight!

I’m Back

I had a few off days.  We went snow skiing Saturday, and then I just could not get motivated on Sunday.  I had so much laundry to do, and we had to buy toilet paper, so I just didn’t do anything.  Monday was a school holiday so the kids were home all day, and of course I slept in, so I missed my window.  I guess it was more like I shut my window.  I could have done something during their quiet time, but I decided to be quiet too.  But today, Today I am back.  Just like we have a new President, Thank God, we have a renewed attitude.  I did an excellent work out and feel ready to take on the world.

Good Thoughts 1/20/09

1. Obama is now offcially our President.

2. Charlie’s surgery went well.

3. Rob is funny.  He makes me smile and that’s awesome.

4. Wyatt sounds like his cough is going away.  Fingers crossed me don’t hear it during the night.

5. I found the best gift on sale for Ginger, but I have to hide it until there is a reason for it.

6. WHen Ginger woke up from her nap she snuggled with Wyatt and said, “Wyatt, My may-may and I love you.  We’re all snuggling together.”  It made my heart so warm and happy.

7. Wyatt is so-lego creative.

8. I found tickets to Sand Antonio in April.  I can’t wait to get back to Texas for a visit.

9. I am making Pork Tenderloin and roasted veggies for dinner.  Yummy.

Peace & Good night.

Snow Skiing

It counts.  I worked hard on the mountain today and I had a great time too.  Our sweet friend Jessica watched our kids and her niece and nephew so we could go skiing with her brother, Nick and Laura.  I have not really gone snow skiing since I was in my early 20s.  So this was a huge day, and I loved it.  I love that skis are shorter now, they are so much more manageable.  And I know it’s the skis because I was stronger in my 20s.  I love that I’m working out so much because it keeps my trunk strong so I can enjoy things like snow skiing.   After the mountain I did a short pilates ab tape, just trying to balance the legs from skiing.

On a side note, Thursday night I only slept a few hours.  I just could not sleep.  It was awful, but it also made working out impossible on Friday so I took the day off.  Completely.  I entertained the idea of working out while my smart, patient, and kind children took their quiet time, but I decided if I wanted to be a smart, patient ,and kind mother it would be wiser to nap.  So I napped.  

Positive thoughts 1/17/2009

1. Jessica Reese rocks.  

2. Nick and Laura are sweet and funny.

3. Laura is very patient.

4. Ginger is funny.  She hates jam.  Even if it’s surrounded by cookie.  It’s very funny to hear a 3 year old refuse to eat anything sweet.

5. Wyatt and I have been spending a lot of time together building lego ships.  It’s been great talking about life and working hard.

6. Rob is dedicated.  He works very hard teaching himself how to snowboard, and I admire him for it.  I don’t think I will have the patient to learn as he has.  

7. Rob is super cute!  He got a new hair cut and it makes him look hip and nerdy.  Just my type–good thing I married him.

Postivie Thoughts 1/15/09

1. I spent a ton of time with Wyatt tonight sorting legos by color.  I loved how into he was. Of course his concentration drifted, but for the most part he was smart, patient and kind.

2. When I picked up Ginger from school, she was just getting back from the playground.  When she saw me she ran out of line and jumped into my arms shouting, Mommy!’  My heart jump a few beats too.

3. My mother is kind, giving, and genorous.

4. My husband is handsome, kind, and thoughtful.

5. I worked my Abs off with Ab Ripper X this morning.  I can’t wait until they hurt the way I did during the workout.

6. Lisa.  Thank you Lisa for taking care of Wyatt this morning.  What a blessing to have some alone time.

7. Tomorrow I get to play with both Evie and Ginger.  We will have a great time.

8. Even though I was late getting Ginger to school, we accomplished all of our errands.

9. We saw Rob biking down Reed Market wearing the jacket we gave him for Christmas.

10. My sister is the best listener in the world.

11. Blanca is teaching a Pilates class.  I wish I could attend, but it’s in San Antonio, Tx.

12. There is a new office on tonight.

Peace & Goodnight

positive thougths 1/6/09

Today there were many reasons to be positive and to appreciate the good things in life.  Here are my best moments:

1. Volunteering in Ginger’s preschool class.  I could stay there all week, especially when she presses her cheek against mine and says, “mom, you’re the best.”

2. Listening to Wyatt describe his fabulous trip to Bouncing off the Walls with his friends who were watching him while I worked in Ginger’s class.

3. Attending a kid’s birthday party at 4pm and being sent home because it’s a kids only party.  How I love the extra free-time.

4. Rob unlocking our iphones after many failed attempts.

5. Completing Ab Ripper X without dropping dead.

6. Setting goals.  I had no idea how good it would feel to set some goals.  Now perhaps we should set some financial and future goals.   Like what I want to do when I grow up.

Peace and goodnight.