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Gymsperiment: Water Aerobics

I hate the gym.  Over the years I have had many friends take me to classes, or offer to join the gym with me.  I have always said, No.  Perhaps I just fear that if I go into one of those classes I’ll look ridiculous.  This summer we’re doing daily swim lessons at the gym.  In order to “legally” go to the pool after lessons and swim, I decided to buy a family gym membership.  Along with this pass I have decided to conduct a “gymsperiment.”  For the month of August I am going to try different classes in the hopes that I will find something that I enjoy doing.

Yesterday I ran the new seven miler at Haulin’ Aspen.  Traditionally, the day after a race is supposed to be for rest.  With that in mind, I thought, Water Aerobics is like rest, right? That is unless you have a teacher who expects perfection:  she doesn’t want to see you bouncing when you should be walking, or making fists when you should be creating more resistance by using open hands.  I had no idea how hard core water aerobics was.  I guess I owe my mom an apology (for many things) “I’m sorry I ever doubted that H2O class was less than exercise.”  To make matters worse, I was greedily taking advice from the 60 plus year old woman next to me who was schooling my butt.  She offered one tidbit of advice early on and then I just hounded her every time the instructor gave us a new assignment.  She attends class everyday!  Her last bit of advice was, “Buy water shoes so you stop slipping.”  Yes, it was like dancing on a slip slide for a complete hour.  And every time I tried to get away with slacking off a little, either the instructor or my new dance partner would come over and correct my form.

If I decide to try it again, I think I’ll have to attempt the deep end.  After class the instructor told me, “Make sure you stretch your calf muscles all day, you’ll be surprised how much of a workout this was.”  So much for resting my legs.  Maybe I’ll sleep in tomorrow.

Good Thoughts:

1. I finished 34 out of 51 women in the 7-miler at Haulin’ Aspen.

2. Rob took the kids on a breakfast picnic while I was racing.  I think they’ll talk about it until they re 20.  It was adorable.