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Holy Cross Fit, Batman!

My fingers can barely hit the keys.  My arms want to slump back to the sides of my body and stay there forever.  The major muscle groups of my body feel like jello.  The culprit?  Cross Fit.

This morning I went to my strength & core gymsperiment.  I have taken this class once before from a sub, so it was a little choppy and I didn’t really get a good feel as to whether or not I would like it. I really wanted to try it from the original instructor. I walked in and there was a sub, again.  Judi, the sub, quickly stated, “Jenn said you were a willing group and I could do whatever I wanted with you guys.”  So she proceed to lead us through her typical Cross Fit class.  Seriously, Holy Cross Fit, Batman!  I may never walk again.  First she made us do two straight minuets of push ups.  I started all on my toes and shit, but ended on my knees begging for mercy.  From there we shot into sit ups for two minutes.  When I was in high school, we would take the presidential physical fitness test, and we had one minute to do as many sit ups as possible.  I could always do something like 50 in a minute.  I looked like a yo-yo popping up and down.  Today I did 30 in two minutes.  I guess two babies and 22 years of avoiding ab work has caused my yo-yo to lose some of its string.  After that she started us on this crazy plan:  some insane exercise for one minute followed by a minute of rest.  So one minute of “thrusters” (squats with weights), one minute of squats, one minute jumping off and on my step, one minute of throwing my body onto the ground and then hopping back up.  We did this three times.  After the third one I thought, thank God, I survived, at least I can go home now.  Judi had other plans for us.  My brain must have blocked some of this because I can’t really remember what we did.  I know we counted backwards, and there was a bar raised over my head.   And I know it’s difficult to raise or even use my arms now.  But after that we did get to stretch and go home. : )

Would I do this again?  I think I would if I knew what I was getting into from the start.  Having it sprung on me was a bit challenging, especially since my knee doesn’t always want to track right.  Seriously, this class could have been called Squats 101, and that is hard when you have knee issues.  On the flip side, if I’m ever going to be like Batman, able to jump from tall buildings without injury, then I need more cross fit.  I’m looking forward to feeling sore in a few hours.  And maybe this class has inspired me to get out there and go run.  Running seems much easier than this insanity.  I have been avoiding running since Haulin’ Aspen on Sunday.  Today’s advice: Find your inner Batman!  You’re not working hard enough until you start yelling HOLY COW!