Running in an Oven

My children are addicted to the gym’s kids’ land.  Every morning we wake up and they ask, can we go to the kids’ land?  Great motivation, but an extra expense.  Still they talked me into running Wednesday and Friday this week so they could go play with their new gym friends.  Wednesday’s run was great, my first time past 4.5 miles since leaving Oregon.  And then again today I ran about 3.5.  The only issue I have with my running is that I was on a treadmill in, what can only be called, and treadmill farm.  Gym running is bizarre.  I run super fast on the treadmill, I like listening to my music, but I miss the breeze and my friends.  I was never a big talker during the run, but I was really good at asking the right question to draw the conversation out of my friends.  So I still think that running on a treadmill is like running in an oven, but it’s better than passing out from heat exhaustion on the road.


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