Kids Duathlon

Running is a positive action.  I don’t always want to go and sometimes I roll my eyes and shake my head because I don’t want to wake up at 5:30 to go running, but afterwards I feel great.  I have learned a lot about myself from this journey: I’m naturally lazy, I actually enjoy long runs, having a dog isn’t horrible they’re good company on runs, I feel stronger and healthier, and I want my kids to be active adventurers. Last weekend the kids got a triple-dose of race day activities. They watched me finish my 10K race at the Deschutes Dash, they competed in the Splash and dash, and they watched their dad bike and run at the Duathlon.  I love having this opportunity to influence my kids at a young age.

A few nights ago W & G wanted to ride bikes after dinner at the park.  It was early and super sunny still, so we ventured across the street and took advantage of the cool night air.  All of a sudden the park was transformed into a transition area and race track.  My 6 year old started barking out orders, “M-O-M, you’re the timer.  Ginger, we run one lap, bike the next, and then run again!”  “OK Wyatt, but I don’t like that big dirty loop.”  Replied his sister.   They ran 1/4 mile, biked 1/4 mile, ran 1/4 mile. They used the water fountain as their aid station, made me the timer, and yelled as they ran into their transition area, “I’m transitioning onto my bike now!”  It was beautiful.  Wyatt finished in 10:57 and Ginger finished in 8:50 (she took a shorter path after her first run to avoid the “dirty part of the loop”). When the race was over they biked timed sprints.  I am so happy to have taught them that participating in sports can be fun and good for you.

And I will forever have the image of Ginger running in the dirt in her pink skirt and red sparkling shoes.


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